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Miracle Maximus Deep Pain Roll On includes 200mg of CBD infused with 10 powerful essential oils proven to reduce pain and inflammation. 

We added DMSO that binds the ingredients to help penetrate deeply to reach those areas that need support!

Miracle Maximus for Muscle & Joint Pain

  • This is one of our Best Sellers!!

    Miracle Maximus Deep Pain Roll On!  The only product that penetrates deep into your body to relieve muscle soreness and aches and pains almost as quick as you can say …. ahhhhhh!

    This powerhouse consists of 100 mg CBD, almond oil, DMSO and a propreitary & synergestic blend of essential oils known to bring relief and fight inflammation while soothing the

    deep ouches so you can enjoy peace and balance once again.

    Roll on, rub in, chill out….  and you’ll realize why we call it the Miracle Maximus!

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