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CBD Hempios

Health Benefits

Our CBD products have been formulated by a Clinical Hypnotherapist to support the Specific needs of Clients during clinical research.

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Hempios Product Line

What is Hemp IOS?


HempIOS stands for Internal Operating System. Your amazing  endocannabinoid system is what helps promote homeostasis or balance.

Your endocannabinoid system needs cannabis as a necessary supplement to ensure your IOS is functioning at optimal levels.

Just like a computer needs regular updates to keep it running smoothly your own IOS needs CBD to keep you up to date as well!

HempIOS and you. A perfect match created by nature!


"I’m using it every night for sleep aid. Haven’t slept this well in years. Gets rid of nausea and stomach issues and back pain. I get the 350 mg small bottle…2nd to strongest strength. About 60.00. Even legal in Mississippi!"

Cynthia Chen

"It’s the best! And everyone I gave samples to loves it too . In fact, my mom took mine. Works great for pain."

Aileen Lane

"Working for me! Diagnosed with fibro and psoriatic arthritis. Quit all other meds and feel better than I can remember. Even back to playing ball 2 days a week!"

Shane McDonald


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